There’s a new gun and a new car, and those aren’t even the biggest changes.

Since PUBG’s official release back in December, there haven’t been much gameplay changes in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patches. However, this is going to change now with the patch 1.0 update 12, which will include one of the biggest and the most drastic changes PUBG has ever received.

According to a developer post made by developers PUBG devs Bluehole. last week, this patch is an effort to reshape the way players think about guns in PUBG and an attempt to give each class of weapons a slightly more defined role. On top of all these weapon balance changes, Devs at Bluehole are working to tweak some of the loot spawnings in the game and even added a new muscle car to the Miramar map. 

All the changes from this patch are currently being tested on the PUBG Test Server, and will be pushed to the live version of the game as soon as the test build is stable. Until then, here are the three most important things to know from PUBG’s biggest patch ever:


The whole point of this patch, according to PUBG Corp, was to change weapon balance and they sure did that. Every type of gun got massive changes, but the most immediately noticeable tweaks were to assault rifles, which now have more recoil and do less damage. Hoping to replace ARs, at least in short range, are sub-machine guns and shotguns, both of which got pretty big damage increases.

2. THERE’S A NEW Designated Marksman Rifle IN THE GAME

PUBG Corp.

We haven’t seen a new gun since a long time now and a new weapon addition is now necessary and that’s what PUGB Corp did, in this patch, bluehole has finally given players something new to try out. This weapon is a 7.62 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), similar to the SKS, which means it’s best at medium to long range and is semi-automatic. To help it stand out from the game’s other DMRs, the SLR is going to do more damage than any of them, but at the cost of significantly worse recoil. 


In what might be this patch’s strangest change, PUBG Corp. separated the level-three helmet from everything but care package drops. Even though this certainly makes the level-three helmet significantly rarer, it wasn’t made any more powerful by the patch, just harder to find. Another major looting change this patch is the addition of three new grips, and two new scopes. Each of these comes with their own specific advantages and drawbacks, so you’ll have to spend some time with each to see which one you prefer.