Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a skill-based multiplayer game. In fact, CSGO has millions of in-game aspects based on skills which players tend to learn and improve throughout their journey of the game, over the years gamers have adopted CSGO’s mechanics, physics, bullet-trajectory, gun bullet-spray patterns, hitboxes techniques and many more.

It all comes down to the digital weapons (Gaming Peripherals) to properly implement hard-earned skills when it comes to CSGO. As a CSGO veteran myself, I think gaming peripherals play the key role in your gaming style of CSGO. The most important peripheral for Counter-Strike is your mouse. As the title says, we are here to present you the Top 5 Gaming Mice for CSGO in 2018.

What is this list based on?

The list is based solely on CSGO. The most important thing is not the sensor when it comes to CSGO. If the sensor is decent, the shape, weight, and balance are the key points that are going to have a greater impact on your aim. Everyone has different hand sizes and grip styles. In this article, I’ll include as many factors as possible, combined with my overall preference and what most people in the CSGO community say that they want. It’s also based on the mice I’ve tested in my own journey of CSGO, reaching to Supreme Master First Class rank from Gold-Nova 3 in the maximum time period of 1400+ hours in-game.

Top 5 Gaming Mice for CS:GO (2018)

1. Zowie EC-1(A, B) Series:

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From my own point of view, Zowie (BenQ) takes the title of inventing the best mice for CSGO. Lightweight and an amazing shape that will suit all grip styles, Taking a first look at the EC series mice, you might think they look plain and simple but in fact, the design of EC series is the most perfect and the most suitable for almost 80% of the players of CSGO.

The shape is very well designed in a manner which is universal. The shape really is that important. That said, they’re not for everyone… I mean, you can always find someone who doesn’t like something.

zowie ec1

I’d say the best mouse that was ever made for CSGO is the Zowie EC1 series. The latest models of EC-B series have some good small improvements to the buttons, more detailed customizability on the bottom of the mouse with polling rate and dpi control.

Moreover, the scroll wheel might feel hard and noisy to most of the people but for me, it’s different in fact, I feel like the scroll wheel on the Zowie mice is the best to implement proper bunny jumping in CSGO. I have taken advantage of strafing and bunny jumping in competitive matches with this mouse more than any other mouse.

The Huano switches are the best part of the mouse from the opinion of a CSGO player, the clicks are solid and well designed that you feel the click whenever you try to one tap the head of your enemy and the clicks never feel hard at all in-game.

However, sometimes the clicks might feel a little bit too hard when surfing the internet or doing your daily work in your PC besides gaming in CSGO.

2. SteelSeries Rival 310:

BUY SteelSeries Rival 310

SteelSeries Rival 310 is the mouse that I am currently using to play CSGO at the moment. I think that the Rival series has been the most comfortable and the most innovative. The Rival 310 is kind of in between the Rival 300 and Rival 700 size and design wise.

The reason I have given the 2nd position to the Rival 310 is that the mouse has precision accuracy when it comes to CSGO, the spray-control of the AK-47, M4A4 is a piece of cake for this mouse, the precise one-taps for Deagle and USP-S are easy to hit as the shape is ergonomic.rival 310

Overall when playing with Rival 310 it feels like that you have exceptional control and the aim isn’t being tethered by a mouse it almost feels like the weapon is in your hand, not the mouse.

The accuracy of this mouse is just flawless maybe because it uses a top optical sensor which SteelSeries calls “Truemove 3” and is lightweight at only 88.3g. The only reason I haven’t given Rival 310 the first position is that of the build quality, it feels like SteelSeries has cheaped out on the build quality control when compared to the Zowie series.

From my point of view, it seems like the mouse won’t last long even though I’ve been gaming on it for a month.

3. Zowie FK Series:

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The Zowie FK2 is the best ambidextrous grip mouse I’ve ever used, Again, Similar to the EC series FK series also comes in 3 sizes, ranging from FK1 being the largest and FK2 being the smallest.

As usual, Zowie is showing how it’s done with the shape, for people’s different grip styles and hand sizes. While some mice may seem like they’re similar, once you hold them, you understand just how different they are.zowie fk

Fk series mice are lightweight, have a top optical sensor, use Huano switches just like the EC series, and have an amazing shape. I’d say that this is the most recommended mouse for fingertip and maybe claw grip. This is easily one of the most popular and best mice on the market.

Although for most of the people the scroll wheel would feel awkward, from my point of view, the scroll wheel is fine as I mentioned above about the EC series. Scroll-wheels are similar throughout all of the Zowie mice.

4. Logitech G102 / G203 / G Pro:

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Logitech’s G102,203 and the G-PRO are all the same mice in the same body. 102 and 203 are identical, the model number difference is based on region only. While the G Pro is the more expensive mouse, I could argue that it’s not as good as the two cheaper ones. As I personally used both of the different models. The price tag of the G-Pro is just absurd and especially for CSGO, you will have zero advantage over the cheaper ones.

Even though G102/203 don’t have the 3366 optical sensor, they do have a sensor called “Mercury” which performs just as well as the 3366 during in-game testing of CSGO. So, combine that with the better cable (thin, smooth rubber when compared to G-pro’s hard braided wire).logiech g

Now G102 and G203 are in the 4th section of the mice realm is just because the price to performance ratio of this mouse beats almost every mouse in the market currently. At the price tag of 27.99$, this mouse has the best to offer when it comes to good grip, solid clicks, and a nice RGB touch.

I spent almost 2 months with this mouse in CSGO and I can surely admit that I didn’t expect a 28$ mouse to perform so well, The spray control and basic aiming is great but however, I found that longer spray controls of AK and M4 weren’t best, and the more the sprays were prolonged the aim got worse, due to the smaller size the grip had jitter in it causing the spray to lose control.

But, hey, we’re talking about a 28$ mouse which excels in the basic necessities for the players of CSGO making it one of the best mice for the beginners of CSGO.

5. Razer DeathAdder Elite:

BUY Deathadder Elite

Possibly the most popular and the best selling mouse DeathAdder got yet another upgrade.

Razer listened to public’s opinion about the previous DeathAdder and implemented some much-needed upgrades in the DeathAdder Elite, with a top “16000 Dpi” optical sensor, two extra buttons, renewed grips and materials, lighter weight and one of the best braided cables on the market, unlike the Logitech G-Pro’s cable. razer deathadder

It’s a large mouse and good for all grip styles, so this is one of the safest choices around in terms of finding a mouse you can aim well with it because it’s almost an ergonomic mouse.

I don’t have much to say for this one as I’ve never really used DeathAdder personally but I’ve gamed with it a couple of times at some LAN parties and overall my experience was great, I could easily adapt the shape and pretty much the comfort and aim was great. The reason that DeathAdder is below every mouse I’ve mentioned above is the quality and longevity. I’ve heard almost every DeathAdder user that the mouse gave up on them after the use of a year or so.

6. Asus ROG Gladius II:

BUY Asus ROG Gladius II (International) , (FOR Pakistan)

Even though our list contains top 5 mice, An extra contender came up in my mind while writing this article. The Asus ROG Gladius II, which we reviewed earlier, is a mouse very similar to Razer Deathadder and a very under-rated mouse. I spent a few hours gaming with this mouse and it had the same characteristics as the DeathAdder, I adapted the shape of the mouse quickly, loved the RGB goodness of the mouse. It had some spray control issues very similar to Logitech G102 that I mentioned above. But overall again for the beginners and novice players of CSGO, this is a great premium mouse with better long lasting feeling exerted by the build quality of this mouse but it falls behind DeathAdder because Razer takes the lead from its software, Razer Synapse.

CSGO Pros that use the mice mentioned above are listed below:

I feel like it is worth mentioning here what mice most popular CSGO pros use, as it will give more idea about the overall role of the mouse in game. For instance, a pro-Awper like kennyS use Deathadder and a pro assaulter like Autimatic use Zowie EC series, It’ll give more information about the typical role according to the mice all popular pro players use.

Zowie EC Series: Autimatic, byali, dev1ce, Calyx, dupreeh, FalleN, Felps, Freakzoid, gLa1ve, Happy, Jw, Konfig, Kiosima, Kjaerbye, KrimZ, Magisk, Nitr0.

Rival 310: Fer, Olofmeister, AZR, HEN1.

Zowie FK Series: AdreN, aizy, boltz, coldzera, denis, LekR0 fk series

Razer Deathadder Series: kennyS, mixwell , styko, twistzz.

Hopefully, this detailed guide will get your goals set up on your upcoming mouse for CSGO. We’ll be updating this article if we find any other worth mentioning mouse for this list.