Top Gaming Mouse Picks for Different Game Genres :

Last time on PGRepublic, we talked about one of the best Gaming Mouse of 2018. We listed the Rival 600 as one of the best gaming mouse of 2018 in general and this time around we are going to talk about different Gaming Mouse picks for different game genres.

Different Game Genres :

There are many types of Game Genres and even more new genres are appearing every day at a fast rate, here are some of the most common game genres :


FPS – First Person Shooter :

First Person Shooters are identified by the fast-paced real-time action. You see through the eyes of your character in FPS games, therefore the name ‘First Person Shooter’. FPS games are popular in the online environment because you get a huge satisfaction when you annihilate random opponents in online games. FPS games are all about aim, muscle memory, fun, skill, and lust. This format has become so much popular that video game developers nowadays don’t even produce a single-player mode for a game. Some of the First Person Shooters include Counter-Strike, Call-of-Duty, Halo, Destiny, Battlefield E.T.C.


RPG – Role-Playing Games :

RPG Games, typically known as adventure games which combine three main elements in a video game :

1) A particular central quest and story, and a collection of shorter side stories and quests which increase the game’s wisdom.
2) Character’s progression or ranking up, which marks you as the main character increase adventure and opens a ton of distinct abilities by performing quests.
3) Inventory and crafting, crucial to gaining advancement in the game’s world. These items involve weapons, armor, healing objects, spell etc.

A perfect example of an RPG game is the Witcher game franchise. Especially the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which was ranked the best RPG game of 2016.


MMO – Massively Multiplayer Online :

A massively multiplayer online (MMO) is an online game with a massive amount of players, usually from 100 to 1000 in a single game server. MMOs feature a huge world and they allow players to compete with others on a large scale, and you can interact with players around the world. An example of an MMO game is World of Warcraft, where you can you build an abstract character and encounter mythological beasts as you rank up with or against friends or even strangers, all in the fictional world. It’s this blend of fictional character and a fictional world that makes an MMO Game.


MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena :

A MOBA is a game where you control a single character in one of the two teams. Normally the goal in MOBA team is to destroy the opposing team’s towers, and when you destroy their main structure, you win! Player characters can have a wide range of abilities and spells at their advantage which is crucial for winning the game. MOBA games are all about strategy and perfect timing.
The main examples of MOBA games are DOTA 2 and League of Legends, they are little hard to learn for new MOBA players. However, Smite is arguably more accessible and easier to learn. Though they are all great.


Hybrids :

Hybrids are a game genre where game developers try to combine audience, different elements and game styles placed into one game. Destiny and Borderlands are good examples of this, as they combine FPS action with RPG loot system.

Another important example is Rocket League, a game which follows the essential rules of football but replaces human players with cars. It’s a unique concept and an example that hybrid games can be amazing if they are developed correctly.


Now that we have mentioned the game genres, let’s talk about the best mouses you can get for those specific game genres.

Mouse For FPS Games :

Online FPS Shooters are extremely competitive and require a decent gear to truly compete with others. This is because online FPS Shooters are faster paced than any other game variety. Every single millisecond counts in competitive FPS gaming.

For FPS Games, you need a mouse with a reliable sensor and light mouse under 100 grams so you can move your mouse on the mousepad faster.

The mouse I would recommend for FPS games would be the :

Zowie Series :

Zowie mice are the most reputed in the FPS gaming community because of their simplicity, light weight, accuracy, and pixel-perfect sensors. There are 3 zowie sub-series, the FK subseries, EC subseries, and ZA subseries. All made for different hand shape and grips, you can go on the BENQ’s website to choose what fits your hands the best.



RPG Game :

For an RPG game, you need a mouse that’s comfortable and has atleast multiple buttons on the mouse because you will be playing an RPG game for atleast multiple hours and the extra buttons will help you assign your abilities or spells.

That’s why a mouse like Logitech’s G502 is perfect for RPG games. Because it provides both the comfort and extra mouse buttons.



For MMO AND MOBA Games :

For MMO and MOBA games, we would recommend you to get a mouse with a large number of programmable buttons, which kind of makes them perfect for a game which requires many buttons to be pressed at a time.


A mouse like a Razer Naga Hex v2 is perfect for MMO and MOBA games because it highlights a more comfortable design than the Razer Naga and also features an easier control over the buttons.

For Hybrid Games :

For Hybrid games, you need to have a mouse that will feature more buttons, a comfortable sensor, and something that’s reliable. A mouse like Steelseries Rival 500, which features more button and extra comfort is usually a good choice for Hybrid games.


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