When it comes to games, watching other people play video games can be just as enjoyable as playing them yourself. Live streaming of games has become the most popular social aspect of today’s era. Undoubtedly all over the world gaming live streamers have gained a lot of popularity and financial profits as well. On average, pro-streamers are making $3,000 to $5,000 per month internationally. Technically, live streaming is a fun thing to do in which you are playing games and enjoying yourself while making financial advancements as well.

Although not all streamers stream games with the intention to earn money, some of them just do it for fun or some of them just want to share their gaming journeys with their friends and family.

Now, Pakistani gamers have been taking interest in live game streaming as well lately, it’s great to see our local talented gamers taking extraordinary measures in order to stream their games live, as the internet is a big problem when it comes to Pakistan, but still gamers are getting the most expensive internet services that are available in Pakistan right now, just to stream their games live with decent live streaming hardware as well, and I think now is the perfect time to mention the top most influential streamers of Pakistan as of now.

1. Hybrid Gamer

Syed Ramish Hussain Aka Hybrid Gamer, is the first professional game streamer of Pakistan with the most Youtube Subscriber count of 30k, Ramish says he made this channel back in 2009 just like an average youtube user, he used to watch other game streamers, he wasn’t really uploading any content at the start of the channel, Modern Combat 5 is the game that made his channel popular, according to Ramish “I saw that no one was really uploading content of MC5 on youtube, the game itself had great viewership potential, then I started to play the game professionally and won 3 ESL Tournaments (5v5 esl windows) of the game which was a great achievement for me, the prize pool was 1000$+ USD.” 

After the successful beginning of the streaming of MC5, Hybrid gamer gained Gameloft’s attention and became the first Insider of Gameloft from Asia, which Pakistan is proud of. Most of the videos of Hybrid’s youtube channel are seen in the trending section of Gameloft’s main page. Ramish has been successful in a very short time of just 1.5 years. As of now, Ramish uploads content of Modern Combat 5 daily, with casual live streaming of CSGO, PUBG, Fornite, GTA, and many more games.

Hybrid gamer has also received a lot of donations through live streaming, crossing over 100$ of donations in certain streams. Currently, Hybrid Gamer is earning a decent amount, somewhere around 600$-1.1k$ monthly (neglecting the revenue generated from sponsors and donations) via social blade stats. Even though youtube isn’t even his fulltime job as he is a student pursuing pre-engineering studies. Total views of his youtube channel are over 6 Million, making him the number one game streamer of Pakistan.

2. Mythica

Ayesha Samman aka Mythica is the most influential game streamer amongst the female gamers of Pakistan, Ayesha has been more of a gamer than a streamer. Her extraordinary passion for gaming was one of the reasons for her success. Ayesha’s key to success was her consistency and the never-ending hope.

Ayesha started out of nowhere, the first professional attempt of Ayesha’s career was when she started to cast professional CSGO tournaments, and with her interesting game streams, she engaged many viewers from Pakistan, India, UAE, and SEA. According to Mythica, she started streaming “1 1/2 year ago but she wasn’t regular. She started being more regular in 2018.” Through her journey of gaming, Ayesha explored many of her abilities and she has been a successful CSGO Caster, Streamer, Influencer for Bloody and wallet codes and owner of a successful gaming organization.”

Currently, the subscriber count of Mythica’s Youtube channel is reaching 1.7k making her the second best streamer of Pakistan according to numbers. However, while being the best female streamer of Pakistan, Ayesha says she “still get negativity thrown at her by a few in the community but there are more people now that accept me and appreciate what I do so I’m more than happy with where I stand right now.”  

As of now, Ayesha streams many games daily, and until now Ayesha is the only female from Pakistan who is putting out the effort to promote gaming, and looking at her journey she has come a long way.

3. Shkafity

Abdul Rafay aka Shkafity is the most underrated youtuber of Pakistan. The content quality of Rafay’s Youtube channel is just great. Rafay started his youtube journey a little more than a year ago.

Rafay said “It was a very tough start, to be honest, I never had the proper equipment to begin with or any kind of support, BUT I did it, however, I could because I actually enjoyed making the videos and the best part about all this is I can engage with so many people that I never even thought of even talking to”. 

Internet was a big issue in the case of Rafay, which held him back from uploading content and being more active with the audience, recently Rafay got a better internet and a webcam for streaming and after the pieces of equipment were ready, the social following of Rafay increased.

According to Rafay “In all of this, the real game changer was me streaming with Mythica, Hybrid Gamer and Umerz Mania about 3 months ago and my stream blew up! I got around more than 120 concurrent viewers and got a total of 13k views in one day! that’s when I really got into streaming.” Now Rafay, live streams daily while being extra energetic and humorous through all of his streams. Currently, Shkafity’s subscriber count is just around 350’s which makes him the third best game streamer Pakistan.

4. Abdul “HSB” Haseeb

Abdul Haseeb Khan aka HSB is not just an average game streamer, HSB is the pride of Pakistan’s Esports community. Haseeb is a professional CSGO player and has been playing the game Counter-Strike since 2008, starting his journey from Counter-Strike 1.6 and now he is an active professional player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Currently, Haseeb owns the key role in the best CSGO team (Portal Esports) of Pakistan being the team’s in-game Entry Fragger and the Captain outside of the game.

Haseeb started streaming his daily CSGO practice matches and casual games on facebook only, upon the requests of fans and now live streaming of CSGO has become the most important part of his career. Haseeb says “The day I started gaming, I always preferred counter-strike. Back in the day, I started 1.6 and it quickly turned into a hobby. It was a highly competitive game at that time and still is, I love competition.” 

Haseeb has become a professional player of CSGO, at a very young age of 16 and the key to Haseeb’s success was the support of his parents which led him to achieve a lot of goals of his life, taking part in the internationals at the age of 17 supported by his parents financially and emotionally. Now, Haseeb live streams his CSGO gameplay daily and Haseeb’s live streams are popular amongst Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Vietnamese and some of the European CSGO gamers the most, Some of his streams have crossed over 200+ live viewers with an average of 90-100 viewers per stream, and one of his videos crossed 20K+ views.

Haseeb’s content is worthy because a lot of CSGO gamers tune into pro players stream to learn the techniques and tactics of the game, it is only a matter of time that HSB’s following will increase considering the fact that he started streaming professionally a few months ago.