At the start of the month, we reported that Total War: SHOGUN II will be completely free to grab on Steam. Well, those words were true, and now we are getting close to the giveaway. The free giveaway is being featured by Sega actually, who are encouraging people to stay home.

Total War: SHOGUN II

“The past few weeks have presented unimaginable challenges to many of us, but the remarkable collective effort being made by the global community to overcome this moment of adversity has been truly inspirational.” Sega in their blog

“With this in mind, we want to continue to encourage you all to stay home and save lives by extending a gift to everyone to help make this difficult situation a little bit easier.”

In our recent Review, we rated Total War: SHOGUN II as an excellent game. Here is the quick summary.

Total War: SHOGUN II

Features and Timeline
Shogun 2 currently costs $19, and it is not a bad game at all. The game features strategic wars in Japan during the 16th Century. There are many Warlords that look forward to re-gain control of Japan after the Government collapsed. Players play as Daimyo, who is a military commander and strategist. Under him, you will have to re-gain control of Japan and face many challenges from other Warlords.

Well, Epic Games is also giving two titles for free. So you could perhaps grab them too. Lastly, the DLC”s from Total War: SHOGUN II won’t be part of the free giveaway.

They are likely to be on Sale. You should visit Steam at 6 pm BST on Monday, April 27 and grab Total War: SHOGUN II. Keep in mind that it’ll be free until May 1 only, afterward it’ll go back to its original price.

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