Have you ever stuck in a situation you just bought your favorite game, downloaded it and then started it craving to enjoy every moment you play it. But suddenly something goes wrong and you are facing a black screen or a system crash. Or you are not getting good FPS with all the PC power you have. Well, what now?

Our friends from the GameAssistant Team were kind enough to send us a review key of the software, yet to launch at 2nd March, 2020 so that we can have a look what marvel this program does in the world of gaming.

GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer is a unique program that automates games tweaking.

Meet GameAssistant, a tool for every gamer. No wonder as soon as I launched it, I was greeted with the most eye catching and user friendly interface in a game tweaking tool so far. I made a couple of settings, had a few clicks here and there, and then when I launched some games I was currently playing, the experience was totally changed. The games never felt so good before.

What marvels this tool does? Let me explain, stay with me, and you will be amazed.

Getting Started

As soon as you open the tool via steam, you are given a few instructions on how to use the program properly. These are important so please keep them in mind, I learned that the hard way, but you don’t have to do the same, it’s frustrating. Launch the game before for the first time before applying tweaks. Then close the game. Apply all tweaks before launching the game next time to have the best experience.


Once you proceed, you will see an interface which is very easy to use. As this tool is linked to your steam account, it will automatically identify and list all the games which are currently being supported by this software. The installed games are highlighted in bold accent while the games not present on your PC are faded.

Please note that, you can always add any game you want. This can be done via modding. Though I haven’t tried this feature of the tool in my software but I’m positive that there is no limit on which games you can add or can not add. Every game can be added to this tool and tweaked.

“It is possible to add support for more games. All you need is to write simple JSON config.

Program can download Community Pack – ZIP archive with configs.

Detailed HTML modding documentation is provided.”

GameAssistant Team

Tweaks & Turns

The best thing I like about this tool is that it has the list of all the issues a game has so the fixes are already present in the tool. For instance, the game OUTLAST 1 has a couple of issues, which you may or may not feel when playing for the first time, but this tool lists the issues the game has so all are already addressed in the tool and they are fixed with one click via GameAssistant as well. For example to enable god mode in Outlast 1 game,
you would need to modify exactly 60 properties in INI file, which can be done via GameAssistant tool.

Other games are also present. The list goes on, almost every game on your steam library is supported.

They have added support for STALKER games recently.
You can override FOV, which requires you to modify specific byte in DLL file.
Make small mistake and the game will crash!

Some of the supported games that I have in my steam library are as follows:


This tool does not have a fix for SLI related issues and some games do not like Nvidia Gsync or AMD Freesync. So these kind of games usually crash. I wish there was a fix for such games as well. Some games which do not have SLI or Gsync Support and crash when using Multi GPU setup are:

  • FFXIV.
  • Tomb Raider (2013)
  • Blade and Soul.
  • Overwatch.
  • The Division.
  • Dark Souls 1/2

GameAssistant Features

It allows, depending on game, to:
– disable startup videos
– set modern resolutions
– set windowed mode
– enable anti-aliasing
– enable or disable VSync
– set 120 Hz / 144 Hz refresh rate of FPS limit
– override FOV
– increase visual quality (more detailed shadows, max anisotropic filtering)
– disable some effects (depth of field, bloom, motion blur, chromatic aberration)
– enable or disable mouse smoothing and acceleration
– fix crashes, poor performance and other issues
– enable cheats (when possible, this is not a hacking tool or trainer)
All changes can be reverted.

Additionally some hints will be given along with cheats and link to walkthrough.

It’s a real time saver.
No need to search internet.
No need to locate config files and perform manual editing.

For things listed above to be possible program is able to:
– modify config files (10 formats supported: from simple key = value to engine specific)
– modify registry entries
– modify binary files
– set compatibility modes for executables (admin, win xp)
– set CPU affinity
– set process priority
– copy files
– remove files
– create directories
– extract files from archives
– mark files as read-only
– show formatted hints

You can also:
– install game
– launch game
– kill game process
– open config file for manual editing
– open directory with configs
– open directory with save games (games use so many locations!)
– open game directory

Multiple accounts are supported (Special Edition only).

Currently about 200 games are supported.

Final Words

The GameAssistant Tool is really a tool every gamer needs. This might feel unnecessary but believe me, when I say this tool is a NEED FOR EVERY GAMER, I mean it. Just try it for once to tweak your games and you will not regret this.

The GameAssistant is planned to be released on March 2, 2020 so make sure you have this software in your wishlist to get notified when it is released. It will be a worthy investment for the gamers.

A tutorial video of GameAssistant will be uploaded to ZeeForce Gaming on youtube so make sure you are subscribed to our partner channel. A giveaway of 2 GameAssistant keys will be conducted as well so make sure you are subscribed to ZeeForce Gaming & Pak Gamers Republic.