The Ubisoft sexual misconduct investigations continue, as this time two major company members have left. The Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoet and Yannis Mallat have both been forced to resign from their positions. Serge was the head of the companies editorial team, while Yannis was the MD of Ubisoft’s Canadian Studious.

Harcèlements et agressions sexuelles chez Ubisoft : "Yves est OK ...
Serge Hascoet

Serge Hascoet, had played a very major role in Ubisoft blockbuster franchises. The chief creative officer had huge role in Asssassin’s Creed and Far Cry Series. Likewise, Yannis Mallat was the key figure behind Ubisoft’s Canadian Studios.

 “The recent allegations that have come to light in Canada against multiple employees make it impossible for him to continue in this position,” the company said.

Ubisoft cuts ties with managing director of Canadian studios as ...
Yannis Mallat

“These departures come following the initiation of a rigorous review that the Company initiated in response to recent allegations and accusations of misconduct and inappropriate behavior,” according to the statement”

Ubisoft is already looking for these departed executives’ replacement. Ubisoft’s Chief Executive Officer Yves Guillemot said that he plans to “personally oversee a complete overhaul”

Lastly, Cecile Cornet has also stepped down, as Ubisoft said they will appoint a new Global Head of HR. Their plan is to create an HR Team that can adapt to new challenges of the video games industry.

Very recently we heard about two other major persons from Ubisoft, Tommy Francois, and Maxime Beland. These two were also forced to leave on sexual misconduct basis.

This investigation was primarily started after people started to criticize Ubisoft. The creative director of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Ashraf Ismail was involved in sexual relationship with a fan. The issue started with Ashraf, who told lied to his girlfriend about marriage.

Ashraf was married, while he kept lying to the fan. This caused a spark on Twitter, and Ashraf left Ubisoft due to uncertain reasons. You can more about that in our report.

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