Yesterday, we reported that Ashraf Ismail, the creative director of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is stepping down. According to many reports, he was stepping down because there were many sexual accusations against him. The most notorious one being, that he had a sexual affair with a fan. The issue arose when he lied to his girlfriend that he was not married. Likewise, he also cheated on his wife.

Many sources started to report this, and numerous sources shared the screenshots of his chat. Well, Ubisoft is not going to have any of it. In a new statement, Ubisoft has first apologized for all the inconvenience caused to those affected. Likewise, they will do a proper investigation on the issue.

 “It is clear we have fallen short of this in the past. We must do better.”

“We have started by launching investigations into the allegations with the support of specialized external consultants. Based on the outcomes, we are fully committed to taking any and all appropriate disciplinary action.

“As these investigations are ongoing, we can’t comment further. We are also auditing our existing policies, processes, and systems to understand where these have broken down, and to ensure we can better prevent, detect, and punish inappropriate behavior.

“We will be sharing additional measures that we are putting in place with our teams in the coming days. Our goal is to foster an environment that our employees, partners, and communities can be proud of –one that reflects our values and that is safe for everyone.”

We will look forward to the report by Ubisoft. It might further support that Ashraf was guilty, thus he might be fired. On the other hand, the report can also clear the allegations and Ashraf can come out as a hero.

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