In this day and age, the hype and demand for hyper realistic simulators has grown relatively as compared to the past. What makes simulators fun is the fact that it is not reality and instead a simulator where you can take a diversion and have some fun and do something you probably might not in real life scenarios, which in my opinion is the purpose of these games. To bring a certain degree of realism and also be fun at the same time rather than being straight up boring.

The game is absolutely spot on and is most definitely a really good fishing simulator. The underwater camera is so realistic that you can compare it to actually sticking your head underwater if that paints a picture of how good it really is.

Plenty other simulator games in the market also are aimed with the purpose of training individuals in specific tasks that they may need to perform in real life such as driving simulators. Although this game does not guarantee that you will become a champion at fishing, it does make sure that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge that one requires for actually going out and fishing in real life. Once you get into the game, you can see the outlines of other live players that are also trying to catch a fish where the game will point out what kind of equipment you need and the specific hook that you need to be able to attract and catch the fish in the particular area that you are in. The game is oddly satisfying and steps out from the rest of its competitors especially for the ice fishing experience. The underwater camera is spot on with the sound effects as detailed as they can get. The fish take enough time to catch the bait to make sure that the game does not seem boring and wastage of time and as long as it does not seem like an arcade game where you are just farming hours and reeling in fish to maintain a certain level of realism. For someone that has never actually gone for fishing in real life, after playing this game I can most certainly say that I now have the confidence to say that whenever I do go for fishing in real life, I will certainly have a know around of what I should be doing and a relative idea of the basics.

The game is really attractive and the graphics are just beautiful, which I feel is a must because of how most individuals may see fishing as a boring activity, and hence with such a detailed outlook of the surroundings, a person can feel immersed with the atmosphere that the game creates. Ultimate Fishing Simulator is more of a game than a simulator because of some of the mechanics being a little gamery as one would like it to be. Although the ice fishing experience is something that helps the game stand out from the rest where the underwater camera kicks in and provides a really good fishing experience, it also brings to light some of the issues that this game has. The fish animation and their movement seem a bit off and very generic to say the least.

The game needs a few more adjustments and tweaks before it can be classified as a truly good simulation game where games like the Microsoft Flight sims have become industry standard, the game has quite a long way to go before it can also become a fishing sim industry-standard game which can also be used to train fishermen. For someone that is looking for a fishing simulation game, this is the current standard that fishing sims are at and is a bar set by this game and the only way for this game is forward and towards more improvements that will eventually lead this game to compete with other sims in the industry.

[The game had been sent to us for review purposes]

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