Prominent leaker Okami leaked a photo of the upcoming COD game. The upcoming game will be named Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War. Moreover, Eurogamer reported that the rumor is authentic, and they have also confirmed it through their own sources. The photo is not leaked or anything, it is a Black Ops 2 cover. Which is then edited by the source.

Moreover, the source also reports that Call of Duty Warzone has started teasing their upcoming game through locked bunkers. These teasers will then be used to announce the upcoming Call of Duty: Cold War game.

Kotaku claimed that the upcoming game will be set in Cold War featuring Vietnam. Similarly, a YouTuber by the name of TheGamingRevolution said that the upcoming game won’t be Black Ops. Furthermore, will there by any campaign? why are there two subtitles in one COD game’s name.

Cold War makes a perfect sense because that is one of the few plots Call of Duty Games can exploit. They have already made in Modern World and WW2 Era. Vietnam also has high chances, I’d say.

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