A new Vivo smartphone, the Vivo V15 Pro was released this week in India and now it is reported that the company will launch the watered-down variant of the Vivo V15 on the February 25th i.e, Monday. The next week, to be specific, on the 1st of March, the company will launch its first ever iQoo phone, it is said to have a 12GB RAM and a Snapdragon 855 processor SoX. Just as the specs and features of most unveiled phones get leaked by tipsters, a leak has served to reveal the entire roadmap of the smartphones that Vivo is to launch in future. Surprisingly, the names of 14 Vivo smartphones have been revealed because of the leak, it may be a punch in the business strategy of Vivo as the roadmap is supposed to be confined within the boundaries of a company for effective implementation but there is a bright side to it which we will discuss further on.

Vivo V15 Pro
Via: NDTV Gadgets

Apparently, fourteen trademark applications have been submitted to the European Union Intellectual property Office by Vivo. The registered names encompass the smartphones of V, X and Y series of Vivo. LetsGoDigital spotted the requests and within Class 9 they are listed as “smartphones; mobile phones.” The 14 enlisted phones are named as:

  1. Vivo X31
  2. Vivo X33
  3. Vivo X35
  4. Vivo X37
  5. Vivo V17
  6. Vivo V19
  7. Vivo V21
  8. Vivo V23
  9. Vivo V25
  10. Vivo Y40
  11. Vivo Y50
  12. Vivo Y60
  13. Vivo Y80
  14. Vivo Y90

Vivo X21 was launched last year under the flagship ‘X series’, and according to the list, its successor which is expected to be Vivo X31 should launch soon. The successor’s launch should be in near future as its predecessor- the Vivo X21 was launched in March the previous year. If we talk about the V series as stated before, the Vivo 15 Pro has been launched in India already and on Monday, the Vivo V15 is to be launched. The next enlisted model of the series that is the Vivo 17 is expected to launch either next year or later this year. And finally, regarding the Y series, Vivo Y91 has been launched by Vivo lately in India and also the Vivo Y89 has been unveiled silently in China though the roadmap of launch for the series is ambiguous currently.

There’s a benefit for Vivo in trademarking the names as it won’t have to worry about naming its future phones which would be launched over the years. It is to be noted that not all phones will be announced necessarily by Vivo as names and products are regularly trademarked by OEMs that are never seen or heard of again so it is possible that most of the enlisted phone names never see a practical shape.

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