The US Army Twitch Channel continues to receive massive floods of criticism and spam. A few weeks ago, the US Army started streaming on Twitch, after which dozens of users tried to spam its chat with things like war crimes, sexual assault, racism, and many more things.

The US Army left streaming for a while, and during that period a lot of strict bans were issued to all sorts of people in the chat. Some days later, Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment mentioned that banning users and deleting Twitch users was a violation of the Constitution because Army is the agency of the US Government. This I think is somehow related to freedom of speech.

Army Pauses Twitch Game Streaming After First Amendment Claim ...

Anyway, the US Army came backstreaming and said they will change its policies for all users. Till now, no new policy have been introduced by them, but it seems Twitch is paying attention to all those viewers. During the streams, dozens of people were banned, but this is not stopping people from consistently spamming about murders, sexual assault, war crimes, and many more things.

Despite all of this stuff, and boring Channel. The US Army continues to stream on Twitch and receives absolutely disgusting feedback. I really feel bad for all those soldiers just sitting there, and reading mean words in the chat. I’m not sure if the US Navy will continue after looking at this.

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