Previously the United States Army announced that they are creating their own ESports Team, which will boost their recruitment numbers. This happened after the recruitment numbers were pretty low in 2018. Today, US Navy has announced that they are joining ESports, as a partner of ESL North America and Dreamhack.

Players expected US Navy making their own Team and participating in the event, however, they seem to be Festival partners. The US Navy will be the official Festival Partner of Dreamhack Anaheim and Dreamhack Dallas. Their participation would allow them to make an “experimental activation onsite”. This is basically a LAN Setup, where fans will be able to challenge Naval Officers and Veterans to compete in a variety of game titles.

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“The Navy is excited to partner with DreamHack and ESL as we enter the esports space,” US Navy Recruiting Commander Rear Admiral Brendan R. McLane said. “Like the Navy, esports requires a variety of skills and roles, and a strong commitment to continual improvement. Our partnership will help align the US Navy’s passion for competition with esports fans both onsite at DreamHack North American events and through unique online content on ESL channels.”

“ESL and DreamHack are constantly looking to engage with fans in new ways, and our partnership with US Navy will allow us to highlight these unique experiences across our media channels to reach viewers,” ESL senior vice president of brand partnerships Paul Brewer said. “Our hope is to expose North American esports fans to the Navy’s offerings and to develop shared experiences that help to support our US Armed Forces.”

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In 2002 American Army first joined the War on Terror tournament, after which they were criticized for following years. There were numerous speculations that the United States Army was recruiting underage gamers. Lastly, this is History, and I am sure ESports has a much bigger and positive name around Social Media. The United States Navi is first-ever presenting partner of Dreamhack’s BYOC tournament at Anaheim and Dallas. People are already criticizing US Navy for being part of an ESports tournament, because officers will be all around the show, making it very uncomfortable. The Dreamhack Anaheim is set to start on February 21-23, while Dreamhack Dallas will start on May 22-24.

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