A lot of people complain that Valorant is highly inspired by Apex Legends and CS:GO. Well, the developers of Valorant decided to test whether Counter-Strike professional players can perform well in an environment where they are used to playing?

Valorant Developers

5v5 Match Between Riot Developers and Professional Players

In a match between Valorant Developers and former professional ESports players, viewers witnessed some epic combat. The professional player cabinet included Micahel ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar, Tyler ‘skadoodle’ Latham, Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom, and Coby ‘Dizzy’ Meadows.

Similarly, Valorant Team had a lot of Riot developers that have been playing this game for some time now. The Match was won by developers, beating the streamers in only 26 rounds.

Furthermore, one of the Riot developers who was also playing the match known as Volcano is a former pro player. Volcano used to play in Fable Team 3D, which won CounterStrike World Cyber Games Tournament. He was a very good Counter-Strike 1.6 player.

Shroud who is really active and one the most skilled streamer was also surprised how good these devs are at their game. He complimented the opposite team numerous times. Riot pretty much proved their famous motto of games made by gamers.

One thing these streamers definitely realized is that Valorant is not easy to master. We have often seen these streamers jumping in new games and instantly killing everyone else. However, in the Valorant case, it requires more than just aim. The match was very enjoyable for viewers. You can watch the highlights on Shroud’s YouTube Channel.

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