The Latest Update: The Valve Index Headset is now available for order, but they will be shipped within 8 weeks. This means, that anyone ordering them won’t be able to get them before Half-Life: Alyx released.

Valve Index Headsets

Valve Index VR headset has been over headlines from the past few months now. The VR Kit first took ages to be released, afterward, it got of stock for a couple of months. Valve responded saying that they did not expect so much demand, and now they will be making more. However, Coronavirus delayed their manufacturing, and by the time new ones were being made, it was out of stock all over the world except Japan. A week ago Valve said that new Index VR kits are being made, and they will be available before Half-Life: Alyx is released on March 23.

Valve Index Headsets

Valve has now sent Notifications to all potential buyers, saying that it’ll be available for purchase at 10 am PT/1pm ET on March 9. Furthermore, this stock won’t last more than Monday, Valve explains in a post.

“Due to high demand, we expect available stock to sell out on Monday,” the message says. “All purchases beyond this initial quantity will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received, as supplies increase over the coming months.”

This means that not a lot of them are being sold on Monday. These could be some leftover or last remaining ones built before Coronavirus. We know that most factories across the globe, especially in China are being closed. This is the primary reason for the delay and low supply. Apart from this, the previously displayed button said “notify me”, now says “coming soon”.

Last Batch?
Since Valve has clearly said, “over the coming months”, we know that this could be the last chance to buy Valve Index Headset before Half-Life: Alyx releases. If you are unable to buy the Index this month, then I’d recommend buying Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality. The headset costs $999, it comes with controllers, two base stations, Index Headset, and a Half-Life: Alyx copy. Anyone interested in buying the headset should keep checking the page on Monday, as the button will change to Buy Now.

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