Recently we talked about the new Half-Life: Alyx and VR. The game is the next major addition to Half-Life series by Valve, however, fans are disappointed by Valve choice for VR only. Apart from this, Steam afterward conducted a survey in which they asked Steam users about their RIG. The poll showed that the majority of people do not have 12gb ram which even further made a debate regarding Half-Life: Alyx choice for minimum 12gb of ram.

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Despite the conspiracy surrounding 12gb ram and VR only requirement, the game has made a new mark into the news. According to Road To VR valve’s Index headset was launched earlier this year, and they are available with immediate shipping. The headset-only, controllers-only, and headset + controller packages are listed in US and Canadian stores, but they show sold. This means that most of the items are out of stock because it further says back in stock soon.

This sale portrays that Valve has been successful with their new VR only Half-Life: Alyx. Despite what people said, the game is already making huge money for its publishers. Fans also said that the headset is expensive, and buying the game alone won’t do it, however, people are still buying it.

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It seems that Valve had pre-planned to release the game just before Black Friday. They further gave fans some relief saying that Half-life: Alyx will support low tier cheap VR headsets too. This included VR sets like Windows Mixed Reality and Oculus Quest.

Afterward, the Black Friday sale began and boom everyone bought the VR sets before the game has been released. In my opinion, Valve made a good setup, which has attracted thousands of fans to buy the VR in order to enjoy their favourite game. Google also shows that the search for “Index VR headset” significantly increased after Half-Life: Alyx announcement was made. These all factors bring us to the conclusion that despite all the complaints regarding VR and Ram, the game has already made a successful debut. Valve’s plan to bring their players toward VR has been successful.

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