A Few months ago I wrote about Valve Index VR getting out of stock everywhere, and that it’s available in limited stores, in specific cities, however now it is out of stock from the whole world.

According to a report by RoadtoVr, the stock and availability in all 31 Countries, where it was being sold shows Sold Out. Furthermore, Valve’s Index VR is offered in various packages, and Japan is the only country that has some of these packages available.

  • Headset + Controllers + Base Stations (AKA ‘Full Kit’)
  • Headset + Controllers
  • Headset-only
  • Controllers-only
  • Base Station-only

Furthermore, Valve VR partner in Japan is Degica, which is responsible for availability and everything, is so far doing a good job. According to Degica, “Headset + Controllers” and “Headset-only” are in stock, while the rest of them are all sold out. Valve previously showed that Back in Stock Soon message when Index went out of stock, but now it shows the “Notify Me” button, which will notify the logged-in users on their emails when it is back in stock. The Title on that page says “We’re Busy Catching up with Demand for Valve Index!

“We are working hard to build more units and meet the high demand,” a Valve spokesperson told Road to VR on Monday. “We are targeting to be back in stock before Half-Life: Alyx ships.”

It is no surprise that Half-Life: Alyx is behind these insane sales and news. The game has not even released yet, and the demand for VR is absolutely strong. This is the first Half-Life in 13 years, no wonder why so much hype. VR is not even fully acknowledged by gamers around the globe, and these VR sets are getting out of stock every time they are re-stocked. I wonder how many more units they are going to build because the demand is just on a whole new level. You can read about Half-Life: Alyx in the following articles.

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