Esports has been growing rapidly, there are tons of talent and potential out there. Dota 2 is a very major competitive game, and every year it probably hosts the biggest ESports tournament. The World championship tournament also knows as The International usually hosts tournaments with a prize pool of $30+ million. World Championship has been held in some major cities like Cologne, Seattle, Vancouver, Shanghai, and Stockholm.

Dota 2 publishers Valve will now find new cities, where World Championship can be held. They have announced an open call, which would allow major cities to host the World Championship tournament. Valve further said that they won’t be planning a tournament in cities, where World Championship has already happened.

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These sorts of tournaments generated huge revenue for the entire city. Many tourists along with fans travel from various Countries to enjoy these tournaments. Popular Esports Teams stay in Hotels and use different services. These things are beneficial for any city. Previously, Vancouver reported that The International or World Championship tournament contributed more than $7.8 million to cities’ economies. Furthermore, Valve has also stated its requirements for hosts.

  • 80,000, which must be available for at least a 10 day period in August 2021 (As an example, The 2020 International is being held at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm; The 2019 International was held at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai)
  • Additional space for ancillary events (e.g., vendor villages, fan zones, after parties)
  • Ample hotel space for upwards of 30,000 individuals
  • Fiber network connectivity from a local service provider
  • Proximity to an international airport
  • A strong local transportation system

Other factors, at both the municipal and national level, include:

  • Ensure the safety of The International’s contestants, workers, and fans
  • Maintain clear and continuous communication with Valve leading up to and during the event
  • Assist Valve with permitting and negotiating local regulations
  • Help Valve navigate immigration and visa issues for The International’s contestants, workers, and fans
  • Support potential road closures
  • Commit to unfettered movement of event trucks on surface roads

Cities interested in hosting the Dota 2 tournament can submit proposals before March 31. All cities will be considered by June 15, and the host city will be announced on August 20-25.

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