Valve has just recently released their mobile application on the App Store and Google Play Store that allows the users and Dota fans to place bets on Dota 2 esports matches with in-game currency.

The app enables Dota fans to use the in-game currency, shards, to place bets on the Pro-Circuit matches featuring the top tier teams in the world. Shards are earned via the Dota plus subscription which can then be used as the currency for betting on the games. This makes sure that the betting scene of Dota is free of real-life money and instead involves shards that are earned in-game from a subscription.

Valve has also introduced a Fantasy Challenge mode where they can create a pro-player roster of their choosing and be rewarded for their actual performances. This is an interesting move from Valve and is vital in building up hype and keeping the pro-scene relevant and exciting by adding a completely new aspect to the circuit and building viewer interest.

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