Face unlocking innovations are all the norm these days, while Apple introduced the Face ID in their iPhone X, more companies came forward to further implement this technology even more.

Today, Vivo the Chinese mobile phone maker that has been continuously producing cutting-edge bezel-less phones this year, announced today another major new addition to their technology: a new 3D depth-sensing system with more than 250,000 sensor points, 10 times the number in Apple’s Face ID of the iPhone X. This new tech from Vivo, which is mounted on the front of the phone beside the selfie cameras, functions by sending out a pulse light and calculating the “TOF” (time of flight) which takes to bounce back to its sensor. Vivo said that this technology can enable 3D mapping from a distance up to  3 meters.

Other companies like Opps are also considering and taking interest in the new trend of Facial recognition technologies, the actual term for this type of technology is called “Structured light”. However, a lot of companies are not sure if it’s worth investing in such complex technology or not. Vivo’s demonstration of their (Time of flight) 3D sensor at MWC Shanghai, this week, shows that it will be among the first Android Vendors to step up and compete with Apple’s Face ID directly.

The expected unveiling is not expected at the moment, Vivo has mentioned that “this is no mere proof of concept”.