The OPPO K3 options a 12.5-inch OLED broad screen with a seamless aesthetic. Behind such a unflawed screen, OPPO not solely hides key elements, however additionally affects the most important obstacle to the event of broad screens: the front camera, dead solved – the front selfie camera.

The OPPO K3’s front camera uses a targeted arrangement to create the selfie a lot of natural. The diamond-inspired style conjures up the front camera to be clear, with a rounded curve style that accentuates the noble texture; a quick 0.74S l The offset, quite 200,000 style life, sapphire lens material protection, wear-resistant and a lot of sturdy.

On the OPPO K3, the complete back of the body uses a really straightforward style language, vertical twin camera, “Design by OPPO” and OPPO emblem within the center of the body, in order that the rear of the body presents a unflawed symmetry aesthetic It will mistily feel the charm of the higher-end OPPO Reno; the new gold text, and this deep black brings a special quite embellishment.


OPPO K3 additionally adopts 3D three-dimensional forming technology, and also the curvature of the joint between the rear and also the middle frame is optimized, in order that the gap between the rear and also the middle frame is invisible, which boosts the texture and additionally enhances the sensory system.

 OPPO features a superb factor in taking footage, therefore the K3 movable features a terribly high place to begin from the start. On the hardware, the OPPO K3 is supplied with a 16-megapixel rear-mounted main camera supported the IMX 519. To be honest, the largest highlight of this detector is to concentrate on up the standard of low-light shooting, whereas the photograph rate is thirty frames. 

More significantly, so as to strengthen the night shooting ability of the movable, the single-pixel space of the detector has conjointly accrued to 1.22?m, that is sort of 8.9% over that of the previous generation. With the massive aperture of f/1.79, it’s an awfully word of farewell shot strength. the color OS 6 on the OPPO K3 is additionally functioning on the shooting interface, and therefore the overall UI is additional trendy.

OPPO phones have intrinsically HDR technology to confirm that a far better image is taken within the backlight, and OPPO K3 conjointly inherits this advantage. The flowers against the sky area unit terribly ought to have being photographed. Below the K3 shooting, the flowers won’t be boring due to the high brightness of the rear sky, and therefore the edges of every floral leaf area unit sharp, and therefore the resolution is commendable.


In the evening, below the comparatively glorious night shooting ability of IMX 519, K3’s performance is additionally exceptional. The high-light suppression and darkening of the dark have a decent degree of completion, particularly when turning on the night scene mode, the impact is clearly higher. The main points and brightness of the image area unit improved to varied degrees, and therefore the night scene mode is incredibly usable.

OPPO K3 conjointly features a 16-megapixel camera, which, beside its own AI beauty algorithmic program, has left good recollections for each self-timer of Miss Sister. It’s not troublesome to ascertain from the proofs that s16 million pixels bring a decent level of detail, AI beauty impact is incredibly natural, it’ll not seem too wealthy, additional tiny and recent.


OPPO K3 is supplied with a “God U” that everybody is incredibly accustomed to – Xiaolong 710 AIE. It uses 10 nm method technology, supported the Cortex-A75 deep-customized new Kryo 360 core, 2 Kryo 360 superior cores, clocked at up to two.2GHz and 6 Kryo 360 energy-efficient cores.

If the player isn’t comfy along with its self-control, he can even set the sport limit time within the game house, that is that the legendary “anti-addiction”. You’ll see the sport play time within the anti-addiction settings. The foremost necessary factor is to line the limit time and manually assist you to prevent the web addiction.

System: good, swish and swish

OPPO K3 runs the automaton OS 9.0 keep customization Color OS six S. Compared with the previous generation Color OS, the new 6.0 version has been totally upgraded from style, interaction and functions, transfer a rare level of expertise.


Color OS 6.0 came to the OPPO K3 platform, the UI parts square measure younger, an outsized variety of irregular graphics and intensely colorful color combos, with a definite temperament, and a bigger icon style than the final system, easier to click and watch.

Breen Personal Assistant

As one of the primary custom systems equipped with AI functions, the assorted AI options on Color OS 6.0 currently seem as the simplest way to integrate Breeno personal assistants, facultative AI good expertise while not directions from all aspects.

Smart sidebar

Color OS 6.0 provides plenty of handy details, and also the good sidebar is certainly one in all its highlights. By slippery the good sidebar within the higher right corner of the screen, you’ll directly access voice assistant, super clear visual effects, screen capture, etc. At an equivalent time, you’ll open the split screen application to realize multi-tasking on an equivalent screen, saving a substantial a part of the clicking operation.

In the past, the OISE ultra-clear video result appeared on the flagship machine is additionally carried on the OPPO K3. The OSIE extremist clear video technology is employed within the show synthesis step to optimize the YUV frame parsed by the video through the platform coding, and also the encoder distinction, the video quality degradation caused by server variations and hardware variations is uniformly optimized. Thereby optimizing the standard of the video for a clearer short video expertise.


Sum up

The arrival of OPPO K3 is really another trend that confirms the event of the movable industry: an organization that uses innovation as a DNA to own a bigger voice within the quality of product innovation, and to put together flagship mobile phones quicker and easier. Popularized into its own business line, this widespread, high-low-low approach can inevitably reshape the competitive landscape of the thousand-yuan machine market, and also the OPPO with complete and big innovative research strength is absolute to be the primary within the new pattern. Hold the new machine.

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