New study application of Facebook will allow Facebook to track how you use your phone and provide that particular data to the social media giant and may be some other place, like they know well. Facebook decided to play a trick on its users by putting them into a situation of being getting paid. The company will even pay you for that information which you allow them to access in your device. May be what they pay is likely not very much as compared to the rate of market. If your personal information is also included in your phone, you may suffer a lot.

Research of market is very common. Many companies will pay you a lot just to get insight into how you use their applications or some other products. But most essentially, an application spies on the phone by using a whole new set of questions for user. For instance, Facebook; which had a history of spying your devices. And that issue has recently gotten into hot water over its use of your personal information. Will get into the topic later that should you let them allow or not but before jumping into it let us discuss some other facts.

The company got into a big trouble earlier this year for a similar app which was Facebook Research application. This application was to pay people as young as 13 for permitting access to their data to Facebook. As per the announcement of Tuesday, Facebook will only pay the people above 18 and they promised to be more upfront with what it’s collecting.

According to the news, Facebook Research application was paying participants $20 per month. Unluckily, Study application will also pay the same rates as before, which are much less than the rates other companies are offering you for permitting data access to them. Those applications include some market research applications.


Facebook Study application will have a whole access to participants’ device and network type. This application will also have an access to participant’s names of its apps as well as features it uses for those apps. The company assures that certain data is protected. For instance, if someone is using messenger feature, then Facebook Study would not be able to access what you tyoe in the box.  

Applications like these don’t seem to be remarkable, although Facebook’s size means that Study can probably have a huge reach right out of the gate. Joanna Jones, chief executive officer and founding father of marketing research firm InterQ analysis, says her company uses apps called “mobile anthropology tools” to trace app usage.
While participants will send a screenshot of their app-usage breakdown, InterQ’s shoppers wish a lot of info. Mobile anthropology tools use photos and videos submitted by participants to answer not “what” or “how long” however “why.”
“Knowing what proportion time they pay on that, whereas fascinating, doesn’t tell America what they’re doing or why,” said Jones. victimization Associate in Nursing app from Indeemo, InterQ participants receive pings that prompt them to answer queries or record a video at varied points throughout the day. “When we have a tendency to do mobile ethnographies, we’ll raise folks, ‘Hey, I saw that you just were on Instagram for forty-five minutes these days. What was the foremost fascinating issue you saw or what compelled you to open it or what did you investigate,’” said Jones.

To find participants, InterQ would possibly use ads or move into forums for industry-specific analysis. For every week of mistreatment, the app, and a follow-up interview, Jones said participants will create between $100 and $200. Once the study is over, participants will then delete the app and InterQ won’t have access to their knowledge. “We have full revealing of what we’re finding out,” said Jones. “Sometimes we tend to can’t reveal the corporate name, however we tend to tell them precisely why we’re doing this study, what the target is, and what we’re hoping to be told.” 

Facebook analysis was fairly broad within the information it captured, even asking users to screenshot their Amazon purchase histories, in step with TechCrunch. Apple said the app desecrated the App Store agreement and removed it. To start, Study can solely be obtainable to users within the North American nation and India. (It’s noteworthy that neither country is roofed by the European Union General Knowledge Protection Regulation, a reasonably strict privacy regulation.) 
Facebook declined to convey Digital Trends specifics on what Study’s payment structure would appear as if, thus there’s forever an opportunity they’ll take a whole flip and pay what seems to be the market rate. However, Facebook is clearly going for amount over quality. Attributable to its presence, it will still possible to notice World Health Organization people that those who need or want an additional $20 a month and who figure their privacy is already compromised anyway.

Should you allow Facebook to Track your Data for Money?

Not at all! I would say no because Facebook has remained in the limelight in the past due to spying people without their permission. By signing up for Study, you are compromising on your own privacy on your phone. I do not think so one should opt for it or take a risk. Facebook knows more about your life, then you can imagine you do all the time. And that could be dangerous for you.

On the other hand, if you want to compromise your own privacy and want to earn $20 each month, I would still suggest not to do that. You can also fund some other way to earn money. Compromising on your privacy may damage you will enough in future.

My advice to all of you is to always read terms and conditions when you sign-up for any application because may be unintentionally you allow some applications to spy on you. Do not trust any social media app, as they will take you to a place from where you would not be able to come back and start things again.

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