Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad have been on the headlines from the past few months now. Likewise, we have new reports that have given us more indication that Warner Bros might reveal their new Batman game in the coming months.

The report as gathered by a ResetEra user DriftingOrbit Suggested that Warner Bros have registered the following domains between June 16 and 19.

  • suicidesquadgame
  • gothamknightgame
  • suicidesquadkillthejusticeleague

These Domains were not registered directly by Warner Bros. The Domains were registered through MarkMonitor, which is the company Warner Bros uses for its domain registration and management. These domains could be registered for an upcoming future project, or perhaps a game nearly done. Mostly, we have seen that Companies register domains before they start development, so why so late?

Batman: Arkham Studio Rocksteady Is Developing A Suicide Squad ...

These new games could be released in the DC fandom, which is the upcoming Digital Event from DC on August 22. Lastly, Kotaku reported that WB was planning to release a new Batman Game and Rocksteady’s next project at E3. Its been a while since we had a Batman Game. I won’t mind playing another Batman Game. The Last Batman Game I played Arkham Knights, was incredible. I sort of miss it.

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