Well, Ubisoft had a massive event featuring Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, and whatnot. As reported days ago, the event was also giving away dozens of copies of Watch Dogs 2. If you somehow missed it, don’t worry because the game can still be claimed.

Firstly, you can try to link your Twitch Account with the Ubisoft account, and you will find a Watch Dogs 2 at your games library. If that seems complicated, you can go to the Ubisoft page, and grab the game. The game is totally free, and you will also get some other bonus items along with Watch Dogs 2. Note: Make sure you are registered before you access the site.

During the event, there were more than 500K People watching, and everyone was trying to get the free copy. Likewise, the Ubisoft services than faced massive problems and people were unable to login. Therefore, Ubisoft later decided that they will be giving away Watch Dogs 2 Completely free for those who were unable to log-in.

Ubisoft wrote “Don’t worry! We’ll be giving out the rewards to all of you, even if you were unable to log in successfully. Sit back and enjoy the show”

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