Many rumors have come into the spotlight this year, all pointing to new a Batman Game but so far we haven’t seen any convincing leak. We only saw a patent registered and that was it. But with the upcoming DC Fandom that will happen on August 12. WB Games Montreal has geared up to give us a special teaser.

Now you might be wondering what is this @r3dakt3d? well, this is a new Twitter account apparently managed by Warner Bros. So far, It only has this one tweet, and it seems that the account will be used for the upcoming game. Anyhow, if you follow this account on Instagram, you will see that it has been tagged in a photo that links to Gotham Knights, and mentions WB Games Montreal and DC Fandom. I won’t be surprised if it was Gotham Knights, because we already saw its patent published along with Suicide Squad Game.

Lets see what WB Games Montreal was upto in the upcoming DC Fandome.

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