Whatsapp Usage :

Facebook’s Messenger and Whatsapp are the basic means of communication between users in the utmost of the world. WhatsApp has been one of the most well-known messaging apps for many ages with an approximated amount of 1.5 billion users globally. They’re simple to use, and with the convenience of smartphones, they’re open and available to almost everyone.


The Ads :

The Whatsapp ad-free user experience is going to end very soon. Whatsapp will shortly start to show ads in the stories tab. WhatsApp Stories were originated last year as a knockoff of the stories features seen on Snapchat or Instagram. The feature enables you to add a sequence of photos, text, and videos to your profile, which is encrypted in an identical way as your messages. Stories are visible to anyone in your contacts for 24 hours before they disappear. Whatsapp vice president ‘Chris Daniels’ left a comment to the various event in New Delhi, India that ads would be the  “primary monetization model for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp.” This was not the first effort to monetize the app since there was a $1 per year cost long before Facebook bought Whatsapp that was after sustaining inefficient.


But as of now, there’s no timeline mentioned and I don’t think it as a deal breaker. But They should provide an option to pay to remove ads. Either one-time payment or subscription.

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