Recently there has been a lot of chatter surrounding Steam and how its rivals Discord Store and Epic Store can take over regarding quantity and revenue. So, today we are going to address the probability of Discord and Epic stores surpassing Steam. Now, lots of people don’t know that Epic Games has been around longer than Steam. Epic store was launched on December 4, 2018, and Steam was found on September 12, 2003, while Discord Store has launched on December 18.


The gossip regarding Epic Store and Discord store started recently due to some small developers pulling their games out of Steam and publishing it under Epic’s corporation. You may ask why are the developers bailing on Steam and relying on Epic and Discord? Well, the answer to that question is that Steam offers the developers 70 percent of the income made from the game while epic will provides 88 percent. You might say that 70 percent isn’t bad and that the developers are unjust, but you have to keep in mind that the small indie games’ developers don’t have that much to offer. So, for a lot of small developers, Epic Games appears to be the right alternative.

Then the Discord Store comes into the story, and it offers even better revenue, Discord offers 90 percent revenue to the developers regardless of the game whether its an AAA title or a small indie game.

Discord stated the following in their recent blog post.

So, starting in 2019, we are going to extend access to the Discord store and our extremely efficient game patcher by releasing a self-serve game publishing platform. No matter what size, from AAA to single person teams, developers will be able to self publish on the Discord store with 90% revenue share going to the developer. The remaining 10% covers our operating costs, and we’ll explore lowering it by optimizing our tech and making things more efficient.

Obviously, discord has the best revenue option for the small developers and so does Epic Games, but the question remains whether Discord Store or Epic Store will surpass steam or not. Well, even though Discord and Epic is the best option for the developers but in my opinion Discord and Epic won’t exceed Steam because steam has so much more freedom and options for its users. However, Epic and Discord can add features to their platform like Steam but still, I can’t imagine games like Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG and a lot more massive titles be published under a different platform other than Steam. Yet, I also think that Epic and Discord can surpass Steam concerning quantity because there are so many small developers who can bail on Steam and publish their game under the other two platforms for better revenue.


It’s fair to say that Discord and Epic surpassing steam right now is unlikely, but it might happen in the future who knows. Steam might even increase the revenue they offer to the developers.

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