The dynamics in the smartphone market are pretty different this year than the last year. Samsung’s customary approach on the Galaxy S series and the $1000 iPhone X by Apple has created likely a hole in the market. As users(especially in China) go for more budget-friendly smartphones, OLED displays aren’t turning out that popular because of it. Just on time, Xiaomi and OnePlus are restless to fill this gap.

OnePlus has expedited its launch schedule for the annual OnePlus N upgrade. On the other hand, Xiaomi took the head start this year with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. At this point, we have some information about the Xiaomi Mi7, Xiaomi’s actual flagship smartphone for 2018.

Currently, all the information about the Xiaomi Mi7 indicates that Xiaomi is so keen to take the lead in Android smartphones. iPhone X catapulted Apple far ahead of its competitors because of Apple’s decision to introduce 3D facial recognition with true depth cameras on the iPhone X.

Although the facial recognition at the cost of the home button is another debate, one thing was clear last year. Apple’s lead with the technology is going to stay with us for at least a year.

Now, as Android is determined to catch up, it’s most likely that Xiaomi is going to take the lead. A recent news suggested that Qualcomm has developed a solution for 3D facial recognition that will require the use of their latest Snapdragon 845. This makes Huawei and Samsung hesitant to use the feature, whereas, Xiaomi seems to have no such hesitation.




Yet, Qualcomm’s solution comes with a catch, as the tech isn’t fully developed yet so Xiaomi might have to wait to launch the Mi7, probably until Q3. Whereas, a leak in the form of a poster indicates that this might not be the case.

It came from a Chinese social network Weibo and it claimed to share details about the Xiaomi Mi7’s launch date. According to the leak, Xiaomi’s next flagship smartphone will be released in less than a month that is, 23rd of May.