Despite being released five years ago, Witcher 3 and its gameplay is limitless. There are dozens of fans out there, who have put more than 500 hours in this game, and they are still finding new stuff. Similarly, a user on Reddit posted a picture of Geralt in an elevator on Kear Trolde.

Players will remember Kear Trolde from the first mission, when they arrive in Skellige and meet with Crach and Craite. This elevator is discovered for the first time or perhaps shared for the first time in public. This elevator can be found in the north. All you have to do is follow the bridge, and it’ll appear somewhere around.

This game is so full of surprises. Another user on this post commented “this is almost worse than learning you can fast travel to a harbor from anywhere in the sea. the amount of time I spent in those damn boats while clearing question marks”. This was another surprise, as most people didn’t know you can fast travel to any harbor from anywhere in the sea if you have a boat.

One user wrote that I’ve played over 1476 hours, other said 2400 hours. None of them were aware of this beautiful elevator in Kear Trolde. The post has now 15.5K Upvotes, and fans are mind blown from this discovery of an elevator.

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