GOG which has become immensely popular due to its really long Refund policy has now come forward to giveaway The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Free. There is a bit of twist in the giveaway, as you won’t be really getting the game for free.

The game is free for those, who already own a copy of Witcher 3. Suppose, you have played it on Console, its time to grab a copy on PC as well. Similarly, if you own it on Steam or any other platform, you can access it on GOG as well, so it is just a bonus. Consequently, if you play it, the game will launch through the original launcher.

Getting the copy is easy. All you have to do is download GOG Galaxy 2.0, and connect it to the platform you already own. Afterward, a free copy of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt will appear on your Store. This limited offer is available until June 23 at 12 PM BST/4 am PDT.

In other Witcher News, people are finding an Elevator on Kear Trolde. This is just to give you an idea, how great The Witcher 3 is. It was released five years ago, and people are still exploring and playing. Relatively, The Witcher 3 player base has also increased, as recently it had its sales increased by 554%. The game has got a popularity boost after The Netflix Series was released, featuring Henry Cavil. Witcher 3 also had its 5th Anniversary, and it featured discounts of up to 70%. Grab it now!

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