Wolfenstein: Youngblood

MachineGames is teaming up with Nvidia to enhance Wolfenstein: Youngblood using the new RTX technology. Wolfenstein: Youngblood will feature ray-tracing, and people who bought RTX cards can now fulfill its purpose. Moreover, if you haven’t purchased an RTX card by now, and are going to buy one, then this is the perfect opportunity. You will get a free copy of Wolfenstein: Youngblood if you buy an RTX 20-series graphics card. However, that offer is only valid from 28th of May till 6th of August.

You can check out Youngblood’s exclusive 4K trailer below.

Source: PCGamer

However, in the trailer, you can’t see any real-time Ray Tracing illuminations, but I think that’s because they are still working on it. Hopefully, this will prove everyone who says that RTX is just a gimmick wrong.

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