World War 3 seems to be an ambitious project. The game is filled with explosive action that players expect from a best-selling shooter. however, World War 3 is coming from a relatively unknown studio. Most recognizable for the Painkiller: Hell & Damnation and Get Even from last year, The Farm 51, might just be on the verge of launching their biggest mainstream success so far.

Built on a frighteningly simple and realistic basis, in World War 3 the world’s strongest countries engage in a global conflict. The players have the option to side with the nation they want. Cumulative successes bring their country closer to winning. Each match features a larger story of the side that eventually comes up victorious. Farm 51 said that the game will launch having a certain set of nations, more nations will be added to the game later on through a player-selected popular vote.

World War 3 is a multiplayer-only game which is focused on two of the shooter genre’s most prominent trends. Game’s Warzone mode is created similar to a Battlefield match having 32 players, although it will possibly be 64. The players will be competing in a lengthy and a large-scale battle which employs explosives, firearms, and vehicles.


This image shows a random picture from World War 3 gane.

This image is a random picture from the game World War 3.


The Recon mode of the game will surely attract the attention of the players. The Recon game mode’s closest analog is to a battle royale game mode. Whereas, Farm 51 did promise a “fresh approach”. World War 3’s battle royale mode will be more objective-based, like defending or capturing targets.

Get Even was one of the year 2017’s sleeper successes, World War 3 couldn’t be any different from that. One of the Get Even’s weakest aspect was shooting. The developer explained that Farm 51 studio has two active teams who are committed to totally different projects. Which means that the team working on World War 3 had nothing to do with Get Even.

There is one thing where World War 3 attracts every player’s attention and that is player choice. There are several roles for tactical play that are pre-defined, which seems pretty similar to that of Rainbow Six Siege. There is also a choice where you choose which side to back in this worldwide battle. Every part of the equipment is customizable, from skins and camouflage to attachments and parts. The developer stated that the game will not feature any pay-to-win mechanics or loot boxes.

Giving so much attention to customization detailing. The developer is focusing on as much realism in the World War 3 game as possible. They have spent years working with military professionals in order to research weight systems, ballistics, and armor. Each battle site is the location of actual cities, such as Berlin, Warsaw, and Moscow are the three that have been announced yet. Farm 51 also gives us a phrase “If it’s possible in real life, it’s possible in World War 3”.

The game World War 3 will be released on Steam Early Access later this year, possibly by the end of summer.