At the end of March, we heard that World War Z was free on Epic Games. A title, that is so new and expensive was completely free to keep. It was sort of suprising.

Game of The Year Edition and Switch Arrival

Well, World War Z is now going to get a Game of The Year Edition that will support all current platforms. The game is currently in development for the highly ranked console, and it’ll be available pretty soon.

World War Z

The Game of the Year Edition will be a separate game, not just additional content. Furthermore, Switch users will get access to all DLC’s, including the latest one PvE Episode in Marseille. GOTY Edition is set to release on May 5 on all current platforms will include the following features

  • New Episode –  Threenew PvE missions in the French city of Marseille with its own maps, story, and characters.
  • Weapon Packs –The Lobo Weapon Pack, Biohazard Weapon Pack, Special Operations Forces Weapon Pack, new Last Aid Weapon Pack, plus one new upcoming weapon pack.
  • Characters Packs –The Professionals Character Skin Pack and War Heroes Character Skin Pack.

World War Z Game of the Year Edition will be priced at $44.99 on PC, meanwhile, the cost on Console will be $49.99. Furthermore, it will be an Epic Store exclusive on PC (sorry Steam users)

GOTY Edition players will also get acces to all content since it was released. This will include the wave-based Horde Mode Z, Xbox One-PC crossplay, weekly challenge mode, extreme six-skulls difficulty setting, and a newly playable class with unique abilities, that would be included in a free update this year.

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