Setting Up Shop: WoW Classic’s IAmAMerchant Mod

Selling items, whether directly with other players or through the auction house, is one of the most common ways to make money in WoW Classic—it’s also one of the most effective. But a mod is changing that with a pretty cool new feature: your very own shop. If you ever felt like a merchant in a fantasy world before, then prepare to feel even more legit. Who knows? It might even help you earn a ton of WoW Classic gold in the process.

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We Are All Merchants

Aptly named modder IAmAMerchant, the mod allows users to create a window where players can list all of the items they’re selling. Due to the mod’s limitation and how the game works, interested buyers don’t really purchase directly from the said window. Rather, they have to do it the old-fashioned way via direct trading. “This is something I want people to still do on their own,” said NukiWolf2, the add-on’s creator, on a post in Reddit.

You can only see other players’ “shops” if you also have the mod as well. So, if NukiWolf2 aimsto make this a universal utility tool, he or she is very far-off. But even the mods that players now consider as necessary also started small, so who knows? Maybe a year or two from now, we’ll see lots of WoW Classic players putting up “shops” in the city.

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By No Means a Substitute

The mod is never going to replace the auction house because it conveniently centralizes all commerce in one place.That, however, is perfectly okay to the creator, since he or she doesn’t intend it to be a solid alternative to the auction house anyway. It’s actually done to encourage people to trade with one another instead of them being solely-reliant on the auction house.

Should his or her add-on blow up, it will inadvertently bring back the old-school style of selling in older MMOs that didn’t have the luxury of auction houses. Not a lot of people remember a time of MMOs before World of Warcraft, so other than being a blast from the past, it’s also a good way to show how selling in the genre was done before its biggest and arguably most important title was released. So, if you’re one of those players that are curious about what trading looked like in the late 90s and the early 2000s, this add-on is a must-try!

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Selling Nostalgia

Despite the modder’s purely aesthetic and sentimental reason for the mod, it actually has one practical purpose: window shopping. It’s not easy to browse for things you’re not really looking for in an in-game market that requires you to specifically input an item name. With World of Warcraft Classic Addon: IAmAMerchant, players might come across something they’re not after but may find interesting. So, if you have no plans of putting up shop, finding something serendipitously being sold by other players should be enough incentive.

Imagine going to town and seeing it littered by these shops, selling items you may or may not need. Use a bit of imagination and you’ll think it’s a bazaar – exactly what a medieval fantasy should have!However, such a novel gimmick will most likely be far from becoming widespread anytime soon. Aside from the auction house’s convenience, the mod itself is far from perfect. Just a few weeks back, NukiWolf2 asked players to help him or her out by trying the mod for themselves and tell him or her if there are any bugs. Hopefully, lots of people try it out so that it can not only be popular, but also be perfected.

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IAmAMerchant Classic WoW probably won’t be one of those staple mods, but it’s a charming one that allows players to see a mundane act like trading in a new and special light. That should be enough of a reason for you to install it.