On April 27, 2020, we reported that 2K has announced a new WWE Game, that will replace WWW 2K21. This decision to cut out 2K21 happened, after the disastrous performance of 2K20. The new game has now gotten more and more details, and it looks quite exciting.

The Game WWE 2K Battlegrounds will be released in September on all platforms including PC, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and PC. The game will feature four classic modes, which includes Exhibition, Campaign, King of the battleground, and Online. Overall, it looks to be like the usual WWE game, but this one has a completely different fighting meta. The game as I described in April, “features the wrestlers having superpowers and more like cartoonish, so its kind of unrealistic.”

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Just Got A Release Date And An Insane New Trailer

  • Exhibition: Take part in Exhibition matches at home or on-the-go, anytime and anywhere, in local and online multiplayer action for up to four players.
  • Campaign: Join the adventures of seven new WWE hopefuls – created exclusively for WWE 2K Battlegrounds – in Campaign mode and compete for the chance to earn a WWE contract. Along the way, you’ll unlock new arenas, inspired by locations such as the Everglades, a military-style Bootcamp, Mexico, New York and Scotland, while receiving guidance from legendary personalities including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Paul Heyman.
  • King of the Battleground: Take on all comers in the King of the Battleground, an online, last-man-standing mode where four players start in the ring while four more waits outside to enter, challenging you to run the gauntlet and defeat them all.
  • Online: Test your toughness in online tournaments and Exhibition matches.

A lot of WWE Superstars like the late Yokozuka, Sgt Slaughter, Stone Cold, Rock, Andre the Giant, Undertaker, HBK, and many more are part of the game. During the start, all wrestlers won’t be unlocked so you have to start playing for unlocking other superstars. It is now available for pre-order. WWE 2K Battlegrounds will come in standard and digital deluxe edition. The standard is now bring priced for just $39.99. While the Digital is ten dollars more expensive at $49.99.

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