WWE 2K20 was a total disaster. The game released on 22 Oct 2019 has Mostly Negative Reviews on Steam. According to the playerbase of WWE 2K20, they purchased a game for $45 and they are unable to play a match.

Every game crashes out, the main menu is all bugged out, There are horrible glitches, like items stuck in the middle of the air. Similarly, the crowd does not say a word, and overall its a mess.

WWE 2K21 Developer Will be Visual Concepts Again

After being criticised all over the gaming communities, the multi million dollar compay decided to cancel their WWE 2k21. In a report by Polygon, the game investors had a meeting where they decided “there’s not going to be a launch of a game this year” in response to a question about the release of WWE 2K21

Justin Leeper, who has worked on the WWE 2K franchise as a former writer, said that there will be a different kind of WWE game.

Leeper has also worked as the motion capture for Death Stranding’s Higgs and Deadman. In a video, Leeper said “a different kind of WWE game from a different kind of game developer that’s not Visual Concepts,”

WWE 2K20 also wants to update its fans regarding their plans for the new game. With the amount of criticism they got, I’m pretty sure, they will look forward to a new game this year. They could either completely change the WWE game’s gameplay or introduce a new series of a lineup.

WWE 2K20 has tweeted that they will share details on the future of WWE 2K franchise and more exciting updates.

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