Xbox Boss Phil Spencer shared his remarks about the PlayStation 5 Reveal Event. According to Phil, he was impressed by the event, and he sent a congratulations note to PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan. Not only that, but Phil also said that he felt better after seeing the PlayStation 5 Reveal Show.

“I watched the show, I thought they did a good job,” he responded, adding that he sent Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan a note of congratulations for PlayStation‘s production efforts on the event.

“As a competitor it’s great to have them out there now so we kind of know what the programme is, we see the device, we see the games,” he continued.

“Just being honest, I felt good after seeing their show. I think the hardware advantages that we have built are going to show up as we’re talking more about our games and frame rates and other things.

“I thought the games line-up that we’re going to have at launch I felt really good about, and we got more clarity on what they’re doing at their show which just helped us focus in on more of what we have, and I think that will be a strength for us at launch.

“So I thought they did a good job, I thought they do what they do very well and they did that, but when I think about the position that we’re in, with the games that we’re going to be able to show and how they’re going to show up, and the hardware advantage that we have, I think we’re in a very good position.”

Phil also talked about the May Xbox Event event and agreed on it being dull. The event promised Xbox Series X fans about gameplays and the console’s performance. However, the event only had an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Cinematic trailer played, which was overwhelming.

“So I feel good about July and the gameplay that we’re going to be showing there and the hardware capability,” he said.

“Teams are working hard to get it lined up, we’ve taken feedback from our last event and I think people are really going to be pleased with what we’re going to be showing there. Halo [Infinite] will be a big part of it and I think that’s obviously an important title for us.”

Both Xbox Series X and PS5 are sheduled to release this year. The CEO’s of Both Gaming Console’s are very confident about their hardware. The Console Rivalry is going to be very competitive this time, and hopefully consumers will get the console’s for an affordable price.

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