Xbox Boss Phil Spencer says that if a family does not want to buy Xbox this year, it is fine. In an interview with BBC, Spencer says that global economics have been very disturbed due to COVID-19. He also mentioned that there aren’t a lot of problems related to the Xbox Series X release. Most of the logistics problems and the global launch is sorted out. Spencer also said that they have an Xbox All Access Subscription program that is price friendly for some people.

“So we want to be really tuned in to that as we launch. How can we make it as affordable as possible? How can we give buyers choice?” Spencer explained to the BBC.

“We’ve got an Xbox All Access subscription programme that allows people to buy their next console by paying a monthly charge. And if now is not the time for you to buy a new console, and you’re going to stay with the console you have, we’re going to keep supporting that console.”

Xbox Boss wasn’t cornered about the price, and he says Xbox is focusing on their Game Pass service.

“Our strategy does not revolve around how many Xboxes I sell this year. We’re focused on delivering services through Xbox Game Pass, which allows people to build their library for a monthly fee. Backward compatibility means that the console that they have will play thousands and thousands of games. Smart delivery means when they move to the next generation, the games will move with them.”

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