The Former Xbox Executive Mike Ybarra has decided to join Blizzard at a very crucial time. Mike Ybarra previously worked at Microsoft for almost 20 years. He began his journey in 2000 after which he was promoted to the general manager of Xbox Live in 2009. Additionally, his last position at Microsoft was Vice President. Mike Ybarra left the company in October, after which he looked for options. Furthermore, his position at blizzard will be vice president and GM. He will start working at Blizzard after November 14 at their Headquarters in Irvine, CA. He also states that he’ll be at Blizzcon 2019.

Apart from this Mike Ybara has joined Blizzard at a very crucial time. Blizzard was headlines all the over internet after they banned Hearthstone player ‘Blitzchung”. Blitzchung raised voice for Hong Kong protests in a live stream after which Blizzard banned him and canceled his winnings.

After the furious protest by fans, blizzard decided to give him back his winnings and reduce his ban time. People connected Blizzard’s decision to their relations with China. Furthermore, the protest was very strong which resulted in blizzard losing a lot of money because people deactivated their accounts and much more. You can read everything related to Blitzchung in following articles

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