Well Xbox Series S Is making it to the news day and day out. I wonder when will the console get an official announcement, because right now. Everybody knows that an Xbox Series S is on its way.

A few weeks ago, we saw the Controller leak that was purchased by a fan. The controller supported Xbox Series S, and it had clear remarks about the console. Anyhow, today a new leak has come forward. This time, the Xbox Controller packaging mentions the Xbox Series S.

This was posted by a twitter user Brendan, who got the new controller for Xbox. The new controllers are promoting Game Pass, and this new packaging mentioned support for PC, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

The Twitter user says that he purchased the console directly from Microsoft’s Digital Store.

“I got a new controller for my Xbox since mine was broken. Interestingly enough, the Game Pass Ultimate trial code sheet mentions the unannounced @Xbox Series S. It’s definitely a thing.” Said Brendan

Xbox Series S is rumored to be the mini version of Series X in a cheaper price. The console is sort of confirmed, but the key here is that when will it release and what are the hardware specifications. Xbox was supposed to give us new updates on the console this month. However, with August gone. I think we might be seeing some details in late September.

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