Xbox Boss Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg have created a mega hype for the upcoming Xbox Event. The Xbox Games Showcase, is set for July 23 9AM PT, 12 pm ET, 5pm UK. The event will only feature games like the PS5 event. Therefore, do not expect any hardware reveals and other irrelevant details.

In my opinion, this initiative has been considered after the huge disappointing Xbox event, that happened last time. The event was promised to feature dozens of incredible games and their gameplays. However, it ended up with some boring cinematic trailers, that could have been simply released on YouTube. Sony on the other hand was quite clever, as they had a 2-hour long event with just game announcements and nothing irrelevant. The event had record views and it created mega engagement between Console Fans for the coming months.

Well, there are a lot of games to be revealed in this show. Most importantly, we will see Halo Infinite in action. Further, if you are interested in the event. You can switch on your notifications for Xbox’s YouTube and Twitch Channel. Along with that, gaming icon Geoff Keighley will also host a show before the event, hopefully talking with some developers.

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