Alright, so yesterday we talked about Halo Infinite and its potential rumor that the game could be dropped from Xbox One, because of development problems. The story came from Resetera era user who claimed that the build on Xbox One was terrible, and if 343 Industries wanted to release it on the platform, they would have to delay the game to 2022. The user also claimed that the game on Xbox One runs more terribly than the PC Version which we saw in Xbox Event.

Well, the community manager of 343 came forward and said on Twitter that the leaks are fake. Here are his statements from twitter.

“We’re seeing lots of fake “leaks” out there, so please don’t believe everything you read,”

“There are no plans to change our 2021 release or the devices and platforms we’ll be supporting. We are building Halo Infinite to be the best it can be on each device/platform.”

If you don’t know the backstory. Well, Halo Infinite was labeled as the King Xbox Series X Exclusive and everyone was pretty excited about it. The game was then revealed at the Xbox Show, after which it received massive Criticism like the Crysis Remaster. Afterward, the game was delayed to infinite time, and later it was confirmed that it’ll release somewhere in 2021. That meant the game was no longer a launch title. 343 Industries acknowledged that criticism, saying your voice is heard and things will get better.

The decision was right because waiting a bit longer for a better game could work well. Fans are still wondering how did Microsoft mess it up. Many people claim that Microsoft heavily outsourced the work, due to which things got messy.

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