Well, fans were wondering if we are going to get the Xbox Series S, since Xbox One S was also a thing. Microsoft has just left a clue, that might give us a piece of evidence that Xbox Series S will happen.

On June 12, Microsoft registered Xbox Series X related patents at American Patent Office. This means, that all Xbox Series X related properties were done at once, and they will move on. Xbox Series X is a solo and standalone brand.

Xbox Series S came into the spotlight, when Microsoft registered Xbox Series Patent. According to the Mexican site

“The American company has established type 4000 in two new brands that are subdivided into several types.┬áID 4000 is assigned to the font, but in the descriptions associated with its use we can see that Microsoft plans to use it in

  • Toys and video games.
  • Software and educational use.
  • Software to record, broadcast and edit content.”

The patent without X, indicates that Microsoft might use it for another upcoming Console, that will be tagged under Xbox Series, so perhaps Xbox Series X?

Considering how PS5 Dominated the Console Race at the recent event. It is highly possible, that Xbox has prepared another big gun that they are ready to drop in the coming months.

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