On June 15, we wrote about the upcoming Xbox that was being described as Xbox Series S. This clue came, after a patent was registered indicating that a new Xbox would soon follow up with Series X. This Xbox according to many journalists would be the budget Xbox featuring lower price than Series X.

Well, Microsoft as of yet, has not spoken about the Xbox Series S. However, we have gotten a leak that confirms its existence, and also suggests that Xbox Series S might arrive in the coming months. A user on Twitter by the name of @Zakk_exe was able to purchase an updated Xbox Controller, that mentioned support for Series X and Series S. The user shared its photos and videos in detail, after which many sites approached him, then confirming its existence. In addition, he claimed that he got it for $35 only from a re-selling place.

Rumour has it that Xbox Series S is a mini version of the Xbox Series X. The console might have a half-price comparing Xbox Series X and would focus on 1080p Gaming with excellent support. We’ll let you know, if Microsoft acknowledges this leak or says something about the Xbox Series S in the coming weeks.

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