Xbox Series X Actually Has 800 GB Space For Games, 200 GB Reserved for System Files

Today, a lot of reviewers got hands-on Xbox Series X. Likewise, a lot of new info is also coming forward, and according to IGN who also got early access. Xbox Series X actually has 800 GB for Games. Yes, I know it was advertised as 1000 GB / 1 TB. However, IGN concluded that 200 GB is needed for Operating System, Drivers, and others.

Therefore, you will only be left with 800 GB, which I think is still more than enough. Incase, you wanted more, you could grab a smart 1TB Expansion which will set you for $220. Game Sizes are increasing, recently we heard Modern Warfare File size is now 234 GB. I wonder how much will be the System Files on Xbox Series S, because that is a budget Series X, and should probabally have less.

“A more affordable alternative is to use a cheaper USB 3.1 external hard drive to store the next-gen games you’re not playing and just shuttle them back and forth as you want them, sparing yourself the need to download them every single time,” IGN wrote. “Besides, transferring between the Xbox Series X’s NVME SSD and a USB 3.1 drive is pretty quick.”

This news isn’t actually new. That is to say, If you had the Xbox One, you know that only 360 GB is available In 500 GB Consoles.