Yesterday, the pre-orders for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S started. The Console first started to start to sell In UK, afterwards, pre-orders for the US and EU also begun. If you didn’t follow it up. The Pre-orders were absolute chaos.

The Websites would glitch out, many kept crashings. Others closed down their listings, some canceled orders, and there were ques of more than 2000 players. Many were still able to grab it, but like always, scalpers got the majority of them.

Xbox Twitter account said that players who were unable to pre-order the console will get another chance on November 10. Xbox also said that they were humbled by the record-breaking demand.

We are humbled by the record-breaking demand for Xbox Series X and S. Huge thanks to everyone for the excitement.

If you weren’t successful today be sure to sign up with retailers for updates and expect more consoles to be available on November 10.

Unlike Sony, who immediately started the pre-orders for PlayStation 5. Xbox gave 10 days pre-notice for the pre-orders. They thought it would minimize scalpers, and more players would get a chance to pre-order their favorite console. However, it didn’t go that way and things became really messy. Don’t worry much though, because the console will get restock during launch.

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