Last week Xbox Series X specs were revealed which left everyone speechless. The Console featured very good specifications, and this was a major increase in performance from the previous Xbox. Players were a bit sad because its price and production were not shared. Considering, the Coronavirus pandemic has closed manufacturing around the globe.

Xbox Series X

To answer these questions, Nadella told CNBC that “on the supply side we are getting back on rails,” in response to a question about whether the company would be able to deliver on upcoming hardware launches such as Xbox Series X.

The virus is certainly dangerous and it caused a lot of panic even before it was not considered a threat by WHO. We previously saw the Valve Index VR taking too long for restocking, because of Coronavirus. Similarly, the European Union proposed that Netflix would reduce its streaming quality because of its massive usage. Microsoft’s Cloud infrastructure was also affected by Coronavirus.

“If this was a previous generation of data center architectures or software architectures, I don’t think we would have been able to deal with this crisis as effectively as we have been able to,” Nadella said.

Nadella has cleared the rumors and questions. We can hope the Xbox is manufactured and released on time. Suppose things did not go well for Microsoft, I don’t think anyone should question their abilities. In this situation health is much more important. Stay healthy folks!

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