Xiaomi AirDots :

As Apple starts to hint their new AirPods 2, Xiaomi joins the wireless earpods game with their all-new true wireless ‘Airdots‘ which cost less than $30. The Airdots are really similar to Apple’s Airpods in a way that, they also feature almost the identical functionally as the Airpods ($159), including a small charging case and tappable controls on the earpods. However, the AirDots will utilize silicon coating for greater sound isolation and a more better fit.


Design :

The Airdots will come in a white simplistic design, and they are boxed in a plastic case which can also be used to charge up the Airdots. However, Xiaomi has not included premium features like water-resistance or noise-cancellation. It’s also unlikely that it will match the build-quality of Airpods.


Connectivity / Specifications :

The Airdots will support Bluetooth 5.0 for more higher bandwidth connection and less power usage. They will weight around 4.2 grams. The Airdots battery will last at least 5 hours of continuous usage with the case being capable to recharge the Airdots three times for 12 hours of total battery life.


Pricing :

Airdots, for now, are only available to pre-order in China for ¥199 CNY ($29). Which are really affordable compared to the Airpods ($159). There’s no word on global availability till now though.

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