The race is finally slowing down for the smallest possible microprocessor. As the tech world braces for Moore’s law to slow down, the space in the gadget world is increasing day by day. Flagship smartphones take the majority of our focus, this just might change soon. Razer launched an interesting smartphone recently. Razer served the people who love both high-end gaming and smartphones.

Razer’s phone is the first proper attempt to lead mainstream to the intensive gaming. Yet, this smartphone will not be the only choice in the market for long. We have a fresh leak for Xiaomi’s highly-hyped, Blackshark gaming smartphone.

First live image leaks for Xiaomi’s Blackshark gaming smartphone

Xiaomi’s blackshark has been rumored since the start of this year. The smartphone will run on the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, this will be the second time that Xiaomi’s smartphone will use San Diego chip giant’s silicon. It’s rumored to be running on the same host of features we see for the Xiaomi Mi7, including under-the-display fingerprint recognition.

Some rumors for this smartphone have also been debunked. Such as, they claimed that the Blackshark will feature a gaming pad, but information from some reliable resources disproves this claim. Wondering how the Xiaomi’s Blackshark looks like, we’ve got you covered.




As you can see above, the image does not represent the smartphone only. Rather, it appears with a gaming pad or some type of a casing. The branding is visible at the top, following a dual camera set-up underneath. If you look closely, the smartphone doesn’t seem to have a rear fingerprint sensor. This just adds to the rumor of virtual fingerprint sensing as mentioned above; it seems like Chinese OEMs will take the lead for this feature in 2018.

As you can see, Xiaomi Blackshark does its best to resemble a GPU in looks. We hope that Xiaomi won’t compromise on quality. Also, if Xiaomi manages to arm the Blackshark with a flagship level rear camera and match or beat Razer with software boosts and variable refresh rates, Xiaomi Blackshark will definitely be the winner.