In Pakistan, there are very few official outlet stores of well-renowned smartphone companies. Launching such Flagship stores in Pakistan will keep increasing the influence of smartphone brands among the people, which is great. This way people can try out the new gadgets that were developed by the company in their outlet stores. People will also be able to get more in-depth information about the hardware and software that were used in the gadgets.

Xiaomi, a well-renowned brand in the realm of smart phones, has recently launched their Flagship store at Packages Mall, Lahore, Pakistan. The environment of the outlet store is really good. The outlet store is quite spacious and they have the proper equipment. The staff at the outlet store is really helpful and friendly. They have the almost all latest gadgets by Xiaomi. The store showcase the latest smart phones by Xiaomi along with the QiCycle(an electric biCycle), the Mi Electric Scooter and the Mi Band 2(a fitness band).

It was a pleasant moment to witness the innovations Xiaomi brought in our homeland. Looking forward to Xiaomi for more excites and goodies.

The outlet store is offering huge discounts on their gadgets that you can avail. Can’t go to the outlet store? Don’t worry, we got you covered. You can always head to their online store Mi Store – “” as this online portal is also offering huge discounts on the gadgets by Xiaomi for you to easily avail.

It is really great to see that such notable brands are taking interest in launching their official outlet stores here in Pakistan. As launching of such outlet stores by reputable brands will make a really good impact on people as well as it’s increasing the influence of smart phones and other gadgets among the people of Pakistan. It is great to see that Xiaomi, a well-renowned brand, has established official outlets here in Pakistan. We hope to see more companies launching their official outlet stores in Pakistan in the future.